Wedding photography: Get the photos you want

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You and your partner will likely remember your wedding day as a big blur because of a number of emotions you will feel that day. Thanks to wedding photographers, those sweet moments can be captured and reproduced for you to immortalize and relive over and over again. Great pictures will give you something to look at for years to come. After all that’s been said and done, photographs are those that remain when everything else has been put away. But when you don’t like what you see, you’ll just have to settle for that. There is no way of undoing it all.

For that, The Knot has documented some proven photography tips that can help you preserve the occasion to your liking.

Identify your photography style

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Choose a team of photographers that you’ll love for all the right reasons, especially their style.

Shorten your must-have family shots

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Doing this will buy your photographers more time to snatch candid moments.

Be flexible when you need to be

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Try to not push the shots you want, especially when circumstances aren’t going your way. When sunny shots or city shots are not possible, trust your photographers to do their magic on alternatives.

Inform your photographers of your color preference

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To ensure optimal results, you need to tell your photographers what hues you want. This way, they can use the right camera settings and lighting set-up.

Know the importance of engagement photography

While you may think that an engagement photo shoot is added expense, many will agree that it helps couples feel at ease in front of the camera on the day of their wedding. To put it simply, practice makes perfect.

Investing in your wedding photos, which are the most tangible memorabilia of your nuptials, is undoubtedly worth it.

Your wedding photos are the best memento of that one special day. Read up on more helpful tips to get the dream shots you want by visiting this Jerry Wang Facebook page.


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